2495. St Werburghs Tunnel (100)

We exist for the time being in a divided nation, but there is growing consensus that Boris Johnson is wreckless and is being found out for the blatant opportunist he appears to be. I think that many (particularly in Bristol) citizens would have some sympathy with this fine work from Nightwayss.

Nightwayss, St Werburghs, Bristol, October 2019
Nightwayss, St Werburghs, Bristol, October 2019

Commensurate with many of his recent sketches, this piece is in black and white and all the more effective for it. There is something about the style of this one that reminds me a bit of the excellent Winsor McCay and his comic strips ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’. Nightwayss continues to impress with his fine work.

2483. Cheltenham 2019 (7)

It seems pretty timely to be posting this stencil by John D’oh at this year’s Cheltenham Paint Festival, because it is impossible to keep Boris out of the headlines. I realise that views on this blustering champion of capitalism are mixed, and that he is immensely popular with little Britain Tories, I however remain firmly in the other corner, and as it would seem so does John D’oh.

John D'oh, Paint festival 2019, Cheltenham, September 2019
John D’oh, Paint festival 2019, Cheltenham, September 2019

This single layer stencil takes a pop at Boris Johnson making the case that there is no excuse for stupidity with the words:

Ignorance can be educated, crazy can be medicated, but there is no cure for stupidity.

I am pretty certain that Boris’ prime ministership will very shortly be coming to an end, but I think we can be fairly sure he’ll be making headlines for some time to come. This can only be good news for the fertile creative mind of John D’oh and the rest of us who enjoy his slightly subversive work.

2450. Stokes Croft

This piece by Haka in Stokes Croft is of course a commentary on Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, a pair of demagogues currently in charge of two great democracies doing their best to appease the far right voter and in doing so sustain their power.

Haka, Stokes Croft, Bristol, September 2019
Haka, Stokes Croft, Bristol, September 2019

I’m not sure what cartoon/game character this piece is based on although I have seen it somewhere, but the Trump figure is in the belt of the Boris character and the two are inextricably joined by both philosophical and physical characteristics. Hats off to Haka for this delightful piece lampooning these two buffoons.

2351. Moon Street (75)

Well this is a bit of a departure for Diced Mango whose work I would normally associate with writing the word mango. It is great to see this magnificent political piece appear at a time where it is so important to question the authority of those in power, in fact I don’t think that there has ever been a more important time in my life to protest and challenge.

Diced Mango, Moon Street, Bristol, July 2019
Diced Mango, Moon Street, Bristol, July 2019

The timing of this piece coincides with the emergence of Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party and by default, unfortunately, the Prime Minister. As expected, he has surrounded himself with some of the most divisive and toxic politicians of our time to serve on his Cabinet, politicians who represent an extreme version of capitalism which is at odds with any kind of social justice, climate awareness or living within our (planetary) means.

This fine piece by Diced Mango shows a complacent Boris in his button-back throne consuming the earth. The heading ‘Planet before Profit’ is probably a fairly well supported message in a city like Bristol, but one that simply hasn’t penetrated ‘comfortable’ middle England. I love what Diced Mango has done here and am pleased to see him switching it up a bit in terms of his style. Great work.