The disruptor departs


Bugger off you git

and shut the door behind you

house of cards falling


by Scooj

On the most excellent news that Dominic Cummings has left Number 10 with immediate effect. However, his legacy along with other politicians and advisors has left this country on the brink of ruin and isolated with very few friends and allies in the world. I hope he will be forever remembered as the man who brought our  country to its knees and bred mistrust and division with his ‘intellectual’ manipulation of messages and his lies. A terrible, terrible man.

3224. St Werburghs tunnel (193)

I think we can be fairly clear about what Morny thinks about our illustrious ludicrous Prime Minister. There is no holding back on this piece, and perhaps it reflects what so many people think at the moment in this divided country that we live in.

Morny, St Werburghs, Bristol, September 2020
Morny, St Werburghs, Bristol, September 2020

I am a big fan of Morny’s style that I would describe as child-like in its form and colour selections, but unlike the work of a child, it has some sophistication.   I like this portrait of Boris, it is well observed (hands in pockets) and obvious who it is. I am inclined to agree with Morny on this one… it’s not my fault, it’s your fault.

3095. Purdown HAA Battery (5)

Playful as ever, John D’oh gives us this topical and relevant political piece featuring none other than our dismal ‘leader’ pushing the ‘back to work’ messaging with a little reference to Dick Turpin and his fellow outlaws. Such is the speed of current coronavirus events, and the ineptitude of our administration, that this recent piece is almost out of date as Boris seems to be preparing the nation for a second lock down.

John D'oh, Purdown Battery, Bristol, July 2020
John D’oh, Purdown Battery, Bristol, July 2020

I am always amazed at how quickly John D’oh manages to conceive, create and spray his pieces. He is a modern chronicler of political events and his vehicle is street art. I like this piece, and there is more to come from JD’s visit to Purdown Battery soon.



Boris obfuscates

in only the way he can

Russian involvement?


by Scooj


* Another blustering/bumbling performance from Boris in the final Prime Minister’s Questions today. He really is a jumped up little school prefect with zero gravitas. How much the Malvolio quote from Shakespeare’s the Tempest resonates:

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.”

Gathering clouds


Centralising all

Whitehall communications

mimicking POTUS


time for all to be worried

an absence of scrutiny


by Scooj


… on the news that Dominic Cummings, er, (coughs) I mean Boris Johnson is going to centralise (control) all government communications departments so that instructions (news) can be given direct to the public, avoiding media (and therefore scrutiny), also involving many job losses. He wants to start holding Presidential style daily news conferences with hand picked journalists, who will be barred if they cause trouble. This is all leading the country in a very troubling direction, and what is most worrying is that these moves (‘sacking’ of Sir Mark Sedwill, Head of the Civil Service, removal of treasury advisors, merging of DFID with the Foreign Office) are happening while the nation is distracted with coronavirus or EU exit and so on.

well we voted for this as a nation so we will have to suffer the far-reaching consequences. The damage that is being done to honour, credibility, decency, openness, transparency, capacity and competency of our parliamentary system and governance is incalculable. Once again hard working decent folk will pay for it and have to pick up the pieces.

I reject Cummings and his cabinet. They do not represent me or have the best interests of The Many in this country. Well with the Mekon (DC) in charge what do you expect.

2972. Horfield skate park (6)

Political commentary is never far away when John D’oh is around, and this recent stencil at the Horfield skate park nicely sums up the disgusting hypocisy demonstrated by Boris and Cummings. Just jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, irresponsible, selfish and self-centered behaviour. Although the headlines may have receded, the anger hasn’t. Boris has shown himself to be a deceitful and manipulative Prime Minister, and I find it extraordinary that anyone would still line up to defend him (although the reliable toadies seem to fight over this space). His odious disregard for other people is beyond staggering and the sooner he gets ousted the better.

John D'oh, Horfield skate park, Bristol, May 2020
John D’oh, Horfield skate park, Bristol, May 2020

I suspect that Boris, being Boris would probably look at this stencil and feel rather flattered, I mean it is a picture of him as a Moses figure, how could he not be excited by that. Well done John D’oh once again for reminding us what a terrible person Boris Johnson really is. I will not move on.

Dirty, rotten scoundrels

Without contrition

without dignity, honour

or integrity


The self-styled ‘king of the world’

shows his true colours again


by Scooj


I didn’t think that I could be upset by Boris Johnson any more. He represents nothing that I believe in, but by jingo he has done it again by his pathetic and snivelling defence of Dominic Cummings’ wrongdoings. Remember this lot will ‘win at any cost’. Well sometimes good governance is not about winning, but is about learning from mistakes and moving on, bringing the people with you for the greater good. I am so saddened by what is going on.


Oven ready


What is it that they

admire about Boris J

a sound-bite fraudster


by Scooj


Sorry for getting all political, but I am utterly baffled by the adulation Boris receives. He has an abysmal record in high-office and yet because he promises to deliver one policy item (something he has promised and failed to do before) he is winning hearts (and minds?), but there is no scrutiny of the man and the damage he has done in the past and the damage he might do over the next five years if he is returned as PM.

Cult of celebrity. Enough said.

2584. M32 Spot (53)

What a refreshingly different kind of collaboration this is down at the M32 Spot. Logoe and Haka have got together to produce this quirky and beautifully executed joint effort. On the left there is some really superior writing spelling out LOGOE in an attractive font style and with a great deep white shading to give it depth. I don’t have many pictures of Logoe’s work, but what I have seen I like.

Logoe and Haka, M32 Spot, Bristol, November 2019
Logoe and Haka, M32 Spot, Bristol, November 2019

On the right is a cartoon character ‘Lucky Luke’ – remember him? I never really got into Lucky Luke as a kid, I was always an Asterix and Tintin man myself. This Lucky Luke appears to be smoking a little Boris Johnson (or is it a Trump? it is difficult to separate the two these days), with the words ‘sit back and enjoy a fat one’. All good fun and nicely painted.