Old warring factions

each one hungry for power

the gloves are off now


by Scooj

• The chaos left behind by Boris Johnson’s long-awaited resignation is resulting in an inglorious bun-fight for the Conservative party leadership… again.

A very poor quality field, most of them tainted with the corrupt Johnson regime, they lied for him let’s not forget. A real race to the bottom.

4503. Upfest 2022 (15)

We are living in a country whose government has brought it to its knees. This conservative government has destroyed so much that I and others hold dear. I honestly don’t think I share any of their values at all, and every day I feel disgusted by their announcements and ashamed to be British. On the upside, I know that I am not alone, as this piece by Georgie suggests. We must be careful not to lay all the Blame on Mr Johnson. The mess began with David Cameron who gave in to the right-wingers, and we now have a far right cabinet doing their incompetent worst. Unspeakable really.

Georgie, Upfest 22, Bristol, May 2022
Georgie, Upfest 22, Bristol, May 2022

This piece is a direct reference to ‘partygate’, which is symbolic of the contempt Mr Johnson and his government have for the people they serve. The piece features The nasty man holding up a glass in a toast to Lee Cain, at a leaving party that wasn’t a party in lockdown. Georgie has captured the moment well. The balloons are real balloons attached to the piece creating a fabulous effect. Hear, hear Georgie.

Last days of the Raj


Shallow victory

enough time to do untold

and lasting damage


by Scooj

* So, predictably, Dictator Johnson holds on to power for a little while longer. I have lost faith in him, our government and am horrified by the mess our country is in. Brexit, which Johnson championed, has been the ruination of our nation, as was predicted, but it is rarely mentioned in the media as a primary cause of the chaos in the UK.

I heard an interesting challenge to Brexiteers, the other day which was; “if Brexit were to end tomorrow, what would you most miss?” I only saw one answer which was “independence”. Well it has been a very high price to pay, coming in at twice the cost of the impact of COVID in the UK, so far.

Johnson and his cabinet seem intent on waging war on the decent citizens of this country, in the name of what exactly? I just don’t get it, and I don’t understand why his supporters put up with it. All too depressing.

4457. M32 Spot (140)

You will know by now, that I consider John D’oh to be a fabulous stencil artist whose astute observations and commentaries record a snapshot of life in Britain, often observed through a political lens. While John D’oh speaks for many, particularly in Bristol, someone took exception to this piece and buffed all but Johnson’s face and scrawled ‘Support Boris Johnson’ next to it… there is still much work to do. If there are Johnson supporters in the poorer districts of Bristol, then there are still some messages that simply aren’t landing.

John D'oh, M32 Spot, Bristol, May 2022
John D’oh, M32 Spot, Bristol, May 2022

I really am so sick and tired of the worst Prime Minister we have ever had. He depresses me, because I am embarrassed and ashamed to think that people from other countries might believe Johnson to be representative of the UK’s views and aspirations. He is not. He is like Trump, bolstered by the far right of the Conservative party, pushing only their views and dressing it up as ‘what people want is…’. I loathe him and everything he stands for.

John D’oh writes “Fuel poverty… I can assure the British people that having burned £50 notes in front of homeless people I can relate and understand their suffering and see the pain in their eyes – Boris”, referencing some historical despicable behaviours of this odious man.

Keep up the great work, John D’oh, our nation needs reminding just how low Johnson will stoop to retain power.