The decline and fall

is spectacular and fast

Tory disaster


by Scooj

  • I don’t even have the energy to rant about the utterly disgraceful Liz Truss and her disgusting cabinet. The damage they have done and continue to do fills me with a resentment that I simply don’t want to have. When I see what revolting surprises they hit us with each and every day, I am filled with despair and depression. What have they done to our nation? My poor children.

Short list


No succession plan

a star-studded cast of nine

every one a dud


by Scooj

• The Conservative party are about to impose a Prime Minister on the electorate, one we haven’t elected, from a field of candidates all trying to out ‘right wing’ each other. Has ever a bar been set so low?

All I can hope for is that they can’t go on hoodwinking and deceiving the public forever. Bring on a General Election now!



Old warring factions

each one hungry for power

the gloves are off now


by Scooj

• The chaos left behind by Boris Johnson’s long-awaited resignation is resulting in an inglorious bun-fight for the Conservative party leadership… again.

A very poor quality field, most of them tainted with the corrupt Johnson regime, they lied for him let’s not forget. A real race to the bottom.

Lies, obfuscation and deflection


Some civil servants

says Attorney General

are responsible

for undermining Brexit

because they are remainers


by Scooj

Oh Dear, where do I start?

Our Attorney General is thick as two short planks, in that she is driven by doctrine/ideology and not truth, not a very good starting place for a lawyer really. This week, to deflect from more allegations of sleeze in the Tory party, she tried to create a dead cat story, saying:

‘Some civil servants are resisting post-Brexit reforms because they cannot imagine “life outside of the EU”.’

I’m not sure that she understands how the civil service works, but if you do not do your job as directed or do not do it well, then you are moved on or out, unlike the politicians who make the laws that civil servants deliver on. If Brexit is a complete catastrophe, pointing the finger at civil servants is utterly misguided.

Suella Benjamin’s unprovoked attack is also unbelievably cowardly as she knows Civil Servants are bound to remain silent on such matters and are unable to answer back, so the assertion is uncontested and pedalled as truth by the right wing media.

Michael Rosen’s (a British author, poet and political columnist) response to this despicable claim was:

Suella Braverman’s attack on Civil Servants: hands up who can think of any govt anywhere anytime attacking its own bureaucracy and/or professionals in order to appeal ‘over’ them in order to win allegiance from ‘the public’ or the ‘people’…

And he is right. What is happening in our country right now is madness. The current far right Tory government, propped up and facilitated by Rupert Murdoch, and Viscount Rothermere, is leading us down a very dangerous path. I only hope that the British people come to their senses and realise they have been duped and conned on a wave of false patriotism, orchestrated by a self-serving elite who care only about money and power.

History will see this period of Tory rule as one of the darkest periods of modern times, in which we have witnessed our own decline and fall.