A time for clowns


Too much to endure

quite incomprehensible

four more years of pain?


by Scooj

– Written before the final result of the Biden/Trump election, fingers tightly crossed. A Trump win will give Boris succour and further self-belief, on the other hand a Biden win will come as a huge wake up call for Boris and his populist cronies.

The nightmare before Christmas


An election called

in the run up to Christmas

the work of a fool


by Scooj


I am dreading the result of the election. All forecasts have the Tories ahead. I am not sure how much more of Conservative values this country can stand. The poorest and disenfranchised have been conned into voting Tory (many for the first time) on the ‘get Brexit done’ agenda. A self-destructive act, like turkeys voting for Christmas.

How have these people become marginalised? How have they become poorer? How have they come to despise the established elite? One thing you can be pretty sure about is that it has been more to do with ten years of a Conservative government than it has been to do with 40 years in the EU. The cunning conflation of issues and deliberate anti-Europe narrative pushed by Farage and the ERG for many years has created a construct that people want to believe.

We have had decades of similar deceit from similar people on the issue of climate change. There was a time when climate change scepticism was trendy, particularly in Tory ranks, and these people were proud of that status. Where are they now? They were wrong then, they are wrong now.

Oven ready


What is it that they

admire about Boris J

a sound-bite fraudster


by Scooj


Sorry for getting all political, but I am utterly baffled by the adulation Boris receives. He has an abysmal record in high-office and yet because he promises to deliver one policy item (something he has promised and failed to do before) he is winning hearts (and minds?), but there is no scrutiny of the man and the damage he has done in the past and the damage he might do over the next five years if he is returned as PM.

Cult of celebrity. Enough said.