Social distance



or breaking the COVID rules

which is more sinful?


by Scooj

On the news today that Matthew Hancock, Health Secretary, has been caught on camera snogging an advisor he appointed into a senior role with the NHS. This at a time when he is advising the general public to maintain social distancing. All of this and little mention of his infidelity (it is a ‘private’ matter).

There is so much wrong with this whole episode on every level. Sadly we seem to just expect or accept this kind of behaviour from those in power and disregard it. For a country that is peddling itself as ‘Global Britain’ this is just another deeply embarrassing and damaging affair. No dignity. Shameful.

Dirty, rotten scoundrels

Without contrition

without dignity, honour

or integrity


The self-styled ‘king of the world’

shows his true colours again


by Scooj


I didn’t think that I could be upset by Boris Johnson any more. He represents nothing that I believe in, but by jingo he has done it again by his pathetic and snivelling defence of Dominic Cummings’ wrongdoings. Remember this lot will ‘win at any cost’. Well sometimes good governance is not about winning, but is about learning from mistakes and moving on, bringing the people with you for the greater good. I am so saddened by what is going on.


1104. The Bearpit (102)

No prizes for guessing the artist who sprayed this in one of the tunnels in The Bearpit. It is a political piece with the slogans ‘I resist’ and ‘eat the rich’. The work depicts a hero figure (batman) saying ‘pay me I’m yours’ which is a fairly direct reference to corruption. if none of that helps with identifying this artist, then the organic style and tentacles should.

Object..., The Bearpit, Bristol, July 2017
Object…, The Bearpit, Bristol, July 2017

It is, of course, by Object… and if the piece itself didn’t tell you that, then the signature at the bottom would have. I like his pieces. Edgy and no beating about the bush. Part of the fabric of The Bearpit.