Brexit Pubs Guarantee


Brexit benefit

pathetic barrel-scrapings

an election bribe


by Scooj

  • After years of searching, without success, for a Brexit benefit, the Chancellor announced, in today’s insipid budget, a reduction in draught beer prices in pubs, because we can, thanks to Brexit. So that’s it, is it? We left our primary trading block and all the benefits of free trade and freedom of movement and a collaborative European approach to global challenges, for 11p off a pint in the pub. Bloody hell, what a monumental cock up! Sovereignty Shmovereignty.
  • Of course, the Government have one eye on the election. What disrespect they show to the nation. The two latest vote grabbing gimmicks are; cheaper beer and ban the boats. Jingoism at its absolute worst. Who do they think we are?
  • Sorry, another rant