Brexit Pubs Guarantee


Brexit benefit

pathetic barrel-scrapings

an election bribe


by Scooj

  • After years of searching, without success, for a Brexit benefit, the Chancellor announced, in today’s insipid budget, a reduction in draught beer prices in pubs, because we can, thanks to Brexit. So that’s it, is it? We left our primary trading block and all the benefits of free trade and freedom of movement and a collaborative European approach to global challenges, for 11p off a pint in the pub. Bloody hell, what a monumental cock up! Sovereignty Shmovereignty.
  • Of course, the Government have one eye on the election. What disrespect they show to the nation. The two latest vote grabbing gimmicks are; cheaper beer and ban the boats. Jingoism at its absolute worst. Who do they think we are?
  • Sorry, another rant

Lies, obfuscation and deflection


Some civil servants

says Attorney General

are responsible

for undermining Brexit

because they are remainers


by Scooj

Oh Dear, where do I start?

Our Attorney General is thick as two short planks, in that she is driven by doctrine/ideology and not truth, not a very good starting place for a lawyer really. This week, to deflect from more allegations of sleeze in the Tory party, she tried to create a dead cat story, saying:

‘Some civil servants are resisting post-Brexit reforms because they cannot imagine “life outside of the EU”.’

I’m not sure that she understands how the civil service works, but if you do not do your job as directed or do not do it well, then you are moved on or out, unlike the politicians who make the laws that civil servants deliver on. If Brexit is a complete catastrophe, pointing the finger at civil servants is utterly misguided.

Suella Benjamin’s unprovoked attack is also unbelievably cowardly as she knows Civil Servants are bound to remain silent on such matters and are unable to answer back, so the assertion is uncontested and pedalled as truth by the right wing media.

Michael Rosen’s (a British author, poet and political columnist) response to this despicable claim was:

Suella Braverman’s attack on Civil Servants: hands up who can think of any govt anywhere anytime attacking its own bureaucracy and/or professionals in order to appeal ‘over’ them in order to win allegiance from ‘the public’ or the ‘people’…

And he is right. What is happening in our country right now is madness. The current far right Tory government, propped up and facilitated by Rupert Murdoch, and Viscount Rothermere, is leading us down a very dangerous path. I only hope that the British people come to their senses and realise they have been duped and conned on a wave of false patriotism, orchestrated by a self-serving elite who care only about money and power.

History will see this period of Tory rule as one of the darkest periods of modern times, in which we have witnessed our own decline and fall.

Last days of the Raj


Shallow victory

enough time to do untold

and lasting damage


by Scooj

* So, predictably, Dictator Johnson holds on to power for a little while longer. I have lost faith in him, our government and am horrified by the mess our country is in. Brexit, which Johnson championed, has been the ruination of our nation, as was predicted, but it is rarely mentioned in the media as a primary cause of the chaos in the UK.

I heard an interesting challenge to Brexiteers, the other day which was; “if Brexit were to end tomorrow, what would you most miss?” I only saw one answer which was “independence”. Well it has been a very high price to pay, coming in at twice the cost of the impact of COVID in the UK, so far.

Johnson and his cabinet seem intent on waging war on the decent citizens of this country, in the name of what exactly? I just don’t get it, and I don’t understand why his supporters put up with it. All too depressing.

2942. Dean Lane skate park (311)

Last year, Georgie had a few paste up sessions concentrated around the Dean Lane and Stokes Croft areas. This is a really nice Brexit piece and so simply sums up the divided nation along the lines of I’m ok with this and I’m not ok with this.

Georgie, Dean Lane, Bristol, October 2019
Georgie, Dean Lane, Bristol, October 2019

I’m alright Jack plays on the disgusting appropriation of the Union Jack by the Brexiteers whose portrayal of remainers as unpatriotic was quite disgusting, but a very powerful narative that underpinned the whole debate. Only the future will tell us whether the experiment is a mistake or not and in any case, many of the problems will be masked by the imppacts of coronavirus, giving this Brexit government the perfect excuse to waffle their way out of uselessness.

Feeling a bit political this morning.

2941. M32 roundabout J3 (209)

I like Morny’s work. It is a unique style that has a child-like quality, but is actually a whole lot more sophisticated than that, for example in this piece the man’s haircut and sunglasses. This piece is bright and colourful and carries a Brexit message.

Morny, M32 roundabout, Bristol, October 2019
Morny, M32 roundabout, Bristol, October 2019

I think the reason I never published these pictures is because of the light distortion obscuring a part of the wall, but I never made it back in time to get any cleaner shots. The writing says:

I miss before Brexit when you has more dosh on your holibobs (holidays). Back when people agreed more.

Sentiments that I think a great many of us agree with, and indeed the pain is still far from over and will extend the heavy burden our country is shouldering due to coronavirus. A clasic double whammy. Both of these pressures have been appallingly handled by an utterly inept and cowardly government. I can’t wait to see the back of them and a new greener, healthier and more compassionate society where wealth is not regarded as the most important thing in our lives.

Love this Morny piece.

2701. Hanbury Street, London (3)

I wish I had posted this piece when it was still politically relevant back in November 2018. It is of course an anti-Brexit piece with the words ‘leaving is the easy way out’, by New York artist BKFoxx.

BKFoxx, Hanbury Street, Shoreditch, London, November 2018
BKFoxx, Hanbury Street, Shoreditch, London, November 2018

This is a magnificent photorealistic piece irrespective of the message, and fits the wall perfectly. I love it when artists use the space well. There is more about this piece from the excellent London Calling blog.