Data not dates


Unexpected turn

Johnson listens to advice

and shuns CRG


by Scooj

I am the last person to recognise Boris as anything other than a rather nasty piece of work, but today he sided with good scientific and medical advice. In the process he disregarded the toxic advice from the bullying COVID Research Group (CRG), a self-appointed right wing child of the European Research Group (ERG), pumped up by Rupert Murdoch and his influential right wing media group.

I never thought I’d see the day. I just hope he sticks to it.



What future for the

lad in the white linen suit

and fur collared gown?


by Scooj


  • Inspired by a lovely post from Southamptonoldlady which really resonated for me. Lots of graduation ceremonies in Bristol at the moment and each one fills me with hope for the future and reminds me of how I felt on my own graduation.