Data not dates


Unexpected turn

Johnson listens to advice

and shuns CRG


by Scooj

I am the last person to recognise Boris as anything other than a rather nasty piece of work, but today he sided with good scientific and medical advice. In the process he disregarded the toxic advice from the bullying COVID Research Group (CRG), a self-appointed right wing child of the European Research Group (ERG), pumped up by Rupert Murdoch and his influential right wing media group.

I never thought I’d see the day. I just hope he sticks to it.

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7 thoughts on “Data not dates”

  1. Personally whilst there are still 10,000 + new cases being found here every day, and whilst that is massively less than it was a little while ago, I consider even talk of opening things back up, let alone applying dates to when various things are going to happen extremely foolhardy at best.
    Having said that you’re correct in thinking that things could have been even worse if he had gone with the ‘advice’ of the CRG.
    I just wonder whether he’ll be about much longer now he’s defied his paymaster.

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      1. With 10 million children all going back to school plus universities reopening fully that sounds like the perfect breeding ground not just for another huge spike in infections which will ultimately lead to more deaths but also the perfect Petri dish for new and perhaps even worse Covid mutations to be born . . .

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      1. Well I’m a great believer in never saying never but I definitely wouldn’t be holding my breath or putting the mortgage on it . . .
        They just see this as a way of handing out our money to themselves and their mates with no questions asked because of the new laws they brought in because of ‘Covid’ but which were really brought in to stop them ever getting done for such blatant corruption and profiteering.

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