1498. Stokes Croft Corner wall (6)

As you drive towards Stokes Croft from The Bearpit roundabout you see, from quite a distance, this iconic wall with its rather old-looking Stinkfish piece on it. The bottom of the wall below the yellow and black portrait tends to be in relatively constant flux.

Mr Sleven, Stokes Croft, Bristol, May 2018
Mr Sleven, Stokes Croft, Bristol, May 2018

I am not sure who sprayed the Stokes Croft writing, but I have a hunch that it might have been Sesk. There are a whole bunch of graffiti writers in Bristol capable of creating this work. The characters on the left hand side of the piece are by Mr Sleven and represent members of the community some might recognise. They are holding up a banner “Make Bristol shit again, got drugs?” but I am not too sure what point Mr Sleven is trying to make.

Mr Sleven, Stokes Croft, Bristol, May 2018
Mr Sleven, Stokes Croft, Bristol, May 2018

The characters themselves are nicely done, and I am particularly drawn to how he has incorporated their eyes. The wall is now bright and colourful once again, but now I think it is the turn of the upper part of this wall to get a special makeover.

382. Upfest 2016 (26)

Having recently posted a piece by Mr Sle7en, I thought it would be good to share his contribution to Upfest 2016. Again, Mr Sle7en incorporates the third eye into this piece and uses the strong colours associated with his work.

Mr Sle7en, Upfest 2016, Bristol, July 2016
Mr Sle7en, Upfest 2016, Bristol, July 2016

The writing says ‘Free Sesk’ which is a reference to the recent custodial sentence dished out to Jack Keeling, a well known tagger and graffiti writer in Bristol. I featured one of his throw ups on New Year’s Day this year. It seems a little unfair that he has been jailed, when there are so many other taggers in town, but I guess this happens from time to time and they all know the risks they are taking.

93. Moon Street (3)

I took a short walk this morning after breakfast and discovered a whole ton of street art and graffiti in Moon Street near Stokes Croft. The problem with most of the works here is that they are unsigned, or by artists/sprayers unknown to me (so far).

Sesk, Moon Street, Bristol

This crocodile is by Sesk, but I am unclear about whether Sesk is an individual or a crew. In the course of my research however, I did find this article in the Bristol Post from November 2015, which indicates that the authorities are clamping down a bit on some taggers, of which Sesk appears to be the ‘ace of spades’.

Some copy from the article reads as follows:

“A police crackdown on graffiti tagging across Bristol will see a man appear at court.

The man has been reported to court for 89 separate offences of Criminal damage across central Bristol.

The damage relates to illegal graffiti that has been sprayed, drawn and painted onto public and private property across the city.

It is alleged the man is responsible for the “SESK” tag, which police say is one of the most prolific in the city.”

None of this though has helped me find out more about Sesk.