Dew fall


Pin-prick droplets touch

gently from dark starry skies;

dew in the morning.


by Scooj


Night sky


Something magical

when a dog looks at the stars

in complete darkness

does he share my sense of awe,

feel our insignificance?


by Scooj

1416. St Michael’s Hill (3)

Occasionally I vary my walk to work, and instead of sweeping through Stokes Croft and The Bearpit, where I am guaranteed to find some lovely new stuff, I take the hilly route and drop down St Michael’s Hill. This is not an area known for its street art, so finding this large wall by Cheba is a real find.

Cheba, St Michael's Hill, Bristol, December 2017
Cheba, St Michael’s Hill, Bristol, December 2017

What a lovely way to decorate a ‘dead’ wall like this one with one of his cosmos pieces. He really has nailed this technique and is quite the best at it that I have seen. I managed to get a shot of it before completion, and it was some time before I visited it again.

Cheba, St Michael's Hill, Bristol, February 2018
Cheba, St Michael’s Hill, Bristol, February 2018

I always like to see his work, it is something fresh and different.