3647. Dean Lane skate park (410)

I don’t know how he does it, but Dibz just keeps on turning out pieces of the highest quality with the minimum of fuss. No fanfare, no selfies, just a modest and quiet approach to his outstanding work.

Dibz, Dean Lane, Bristol, April 2021
Dibz, Dean Lane, Bristol, April 2021

This is a magnificent piece that draws on the genius of the Jurassic Park film franchise. I’m not sure what the ‘From up Above’ tag line refers to, probably a musical reference that is way over my head. The dinosaur logo is fantastically done, and in such sharp detail.

Dibz, Dean Lane, Bristol, April 2021
Dibz, Dean Lane, Bristol, April 2021

The writing too is skilfully done with two main colours fading horizontally, and the top half incorporating some red stripes into the green. Such a striking piece and another in a series that has kept people like me very happy over the last six months or so.

1835. Prince Street

Mystery solved. Regular readers will know that I am really quite uncomfortable with posting pieces if I don’t know who created them. Occasionally I post them anyway because I don’t think I’ll ever find out who did them. In this case, I have held on in with the firm conviction that I would find the artist. And I have.

John D'oh, Princes Street, Bristol, October 2018
John D’oh, Princes Street, Bristol, October 2018

I recently bought John D’oh’s excellent book ‘Street Art and Graffiti‘ and there on pages 40 and 41 is this wonderful stencil piece. These photographs were taken this October, but I have some much older ones somewhere in my archive. The original installation had a little red word ‘why’ to the left of the piece and it was placed on 16 November 2015 as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the Paris terror attacks of 13 November that same month.

There is a little shelf beneath the piece which had little battery operated flickering candle lights to give the piece a shrine appearance. Beautifully conceived and executed. This is a poignant and touching piece from a great Bristol artist who puts a lot of thought, time, energy, passion and effort in to his work.

I was thrilled to find out it was by John D’oh. Good things come to those who wait (and buy books).