3376. St Luke’s Road (1)

The great thing about visiting areas of Bristol one doesn’t normally go to is that you open your eyes to a whole new culture and architectural environment. So when visiting Totterdown to photograph the new Banksy recently, I was exposed to quite a few pieces and murals that I had been aware of but had never seen. One row of houses in particular caught the eye due to the very large murals on their garden-facing walls, which could be viewed from the road below. The row of houses is on St Luke’s Road.

Gage Graphics, St Luke's Road, Bristol, December 2020
Gage Graphics, St Luke’s Road, Bristol, December 2020

The artist of this mural (along with several others) is Gage Graphics aka Ollie Gillard and who writes graffiti under the name Serif. This is an outstanding mural that shows a section cut through the ground, exposing different rock strata that lead up to the root system of a tree. The tree is bending in an autumn breeze and fits perfectly between two windows. All the while a milky daytime full moon looks on. What a wonderful thing to have on your house, and a fabulous gift for the citizens of the area to enjoy.

3095. Purdown HAA Battery (5)

Playful as ever, John D’oh gives us this topical and relevant political piece featuring none other than our dismal ‘leader’ pushing the ‘back to work’ messaging with a little reference to Dick Turpin and his fellow outlaws. Such is the speed of current coronavirus events, and the ineptitude of our administration, that this recent piece is almost out of date as Boris seems to be preparing the nation for a second lock down.

John D'oh, Purdown Battery, Bristol, July 2020
John D’oh, Purdown Battery, Bristol, July 2020

I am always amazed at how quickly John D’oh manages to conceive, create and spray his pieces. He is a modern chronicler of political events and his vehicle is street art. I like this piece, and there is more to come from JD’s visit to Purdown Battery soon.