Hanksy, Orchard Street, New York City, June 2016

298. New York, Orchard Street

I was reminded about this satirical piece by Hanksy, because Donald Trump has just made a rather unwelcome visit to the UK to inspect his Trump Turnberry refurbished golf course in Scotland. He really is disliked here, and no senior politicians were there to meet him, but I guess they were all too preoccupied with Brexit. He congratulated the Scottish people for leaving the EU, but clearly didn’t understand that The Scottish voted to remain. He really is so thick.

Hanksy, Orchard Street, New York City, June 2016
Hanksy, Orchard Street, New York City, June 2016

Hanksy is a New York street artist who seems to use parody and satire in his work, even the name is playful. He is famous enough to have his own Wikipedia page if you want to know more.  While I was photographing the piece, a lovely local lady started chatting to me and my daughter. She said straight away that nobody likes Trump. That may be the case in NYC but he seems popular elsewhere.

This piece went viral globally, and has much in common with the Paintsmiths piece in Stokes Croft with Trump and Boris kissing. The first part of the nightmare is coming to pass, with David Cameron standing down and Johnson in the running for Prime Minister, the prophetic images may become a reality. I really hope that the USA comes to its senses and doesn’t fall for the populist propaganda aimed at the disadvantaged/disowned working classes. In the UK our citizens were duped by right wing fabrications about immigration and jobs and promises that the money diverted to the EU would all be spent on the health service – a promise already retracted within hours of a Brexit victory. So it was not a promise, but a lie.

The UK is in for a very uncomfortable ride in the years to come and I expect a lot of political graffiti/street art to emerge…which at this moment is the only positive thing I can cling on to.


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5 thoughts on “298. New York, Orchard Street”

  1. I have a Banksy pin with this image – they are passed out in this area periodically. I find the political street art in New York City really interesting. And you are right – it’s hard to find anyone in the city that likes or would vote for Trump. The mural that’s to the right of this one is really interesting as well, by Magda Love @magdaloveart. I have photos of several of her murals from around the city.

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