3Dom and Sepr, Star and Garter, Bristol, June 2020

3005. Star and Garter (6)

Since lock down measures were eased At the end of May, 3Dom and Sepr have collaborated on several occasions and are absolutely smashing it with each new wall they paint. This wall opposite the Star and Garter marks the Black Lives Matter campaign in two very different ways.

3Dom, Star and Garter, Bristol, June 2020
3Dom, Star and Garter, Bristol, June 2020

3Dom has opted for a big bold statement “Unity is Power” set on a red and orange background which gives the whole thing a kind of explosive impact. The large letters have shading that has a central vanishing point so the whole thing looks like it is heading straight for us. Nicely done, and unusual writing from 3Dom.

Bday plus 047 7-10 June 2020_edited

Contrast that with Sepr’s birds. His piece tells us a complete story in the simplest way possible. The three birds are identical in every way except their colouring and they are proudly marching hand in hand. This is an exceptional piece which deserves as much exposure as it can get. Poignant and relevant and not preachy.

Bday plus 048 7-10 June 2020_edited

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