Rezwonk, Dean Lane, Bristol, December 2020

3399. Dean Lane skate park (373)

Rezwonk is an artist whose work I simply haven’t seen enough of this year, I guess we have been spoilt previously by the frequency with which he was hitting walls, and it was inevitable that it would slow down at some point. A similar pattern has been shown by Decay, and it is interesting that these two who used to collaborate a lot, haven’t done so for a long while.

Rezwonk, Dean Lane, Bristol, December 2020
Rezwonk, Dean Lane, Bristol, December 2020

This Fabulous piece of graffiti writing in a frosty cold blue (to match the winter temperatures) looks like it was painted n collaboration with a Pekoe piece just to it’s left (coming soon). As well as the technical brilliance of the piece with it’s riveted sections, the prep work has made all the difference with the fully buffed wall in a neutral colour lending support and focus to the writing. A fine piece from Rezer.

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3 thoughts on “3399. Dean Lane skate park (373)”

  1. He has said a few times that he wanted to broaden his artistic scope and try other things and I guess that might well have held his focus for the past few months, but it was great to see a couple of fairly recent pieces from him. I also noticed that Decay has changed his Insta handle to include HTM which is the name the pair of them go by so hopefully some more collabs to come this year.

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      1. Yes I saw DK this afternoon finishing off an absolutely stunning piece down in the tunnel and I think he’s hoping they might get some pieces done although he didn’t seem certain so who knows . . .


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