Rosalita (Rozalita), Devon Road, Bristol, January 2022

4213. Devon Road (15)

I met Rozalita for the first time last week, painting down at the tunnel, and what a pleasure it was too. Of course I knew exactly who she was, which must have felt a bit creepy really, especially as I was able to talk to her about her work with some knowledge and authority. I sincerely hope she doesn’t think me a bit weird or peculiar, because I am just a regular guy who appreciates street art. Anyhow, Rozalita is absolutely smashing it out of the park at the moment, with at least four other recent pieces. I understand that she is upping her game with a view to gaining more paid work from her artistic talents, and with that she has my full support.

Rosalita (Rozalita), Devon Road, Bristol, January 2022
Rosalita (Rozalita), Devon Road, Bristol, January 2022

This clown piece is in Devon Road, which had had a few new pieces added recently, and definitely brightens the place up beautifully. Carnival and circus are themes that run deep in Rozalita’s  work and I always have a sense of tragedy in her characters, once you strip away the mask. I don’t know if that is Rozalita’s intention, but that is what I see. Look out for more from Rozalita here soon.

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