Ryder, Turbo Island, Bristol, March 2022

4318. Turbo Island

There is no question that this a fabulous piece, and Ryder clearly demonstrates that he is not only a ‘letters’ man, but is equally adept at creating characters.

I have a reservation about this piece though, not of its quality, but because I always struggle with street art being used to advertise commercial products, unless as a commission on a commissioned space. Somehow, it just doesn’t sit right with me and I know I am being super-picky, but the street art and Graffiti art community is one that is usually at the front of the queue to complain about consumerism and advertising. I expect this piece was painted for friends, and is at the acceptable end of the advertising spectrum, so I will get over myself and stop here.

Ryder, Turbo Island, Bristol, March 2022
Ryder, Turbo Island, Bristol, March 2022

This is an eye-catching piece at a spot that seems to lurch from high quality pieces to absolute dross and this certainly sits in the former category. The Cheshire cat with its huge grin is outstanding, and the blue and red colours work so well on the black and white of the piece. Love the roller painter Ryder above the piece. Nice work from one of the best.

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