Mena and Phour, Sparke Evans Park, Bristol, April 2022

4420. Spark Evans Park (43)

It would seem that Mena and Stivs have birthdays about a week apart, and both, being popular artists, manage to rustle up a large group of artists for a birthday paintjam. These pieces were part of Mena’s celebrations.

Mena and Phour, Sparke Evans Park, Bristol, April 2022
Mena and Phour, Sparke Evans Park, Bristol, April 2022

A double hit in today’s post featuring both Phour and Mena. I haven’t posted much from Phour for a while, but lately he has been painting;g quite a lot, and this is a really nice example of his work, painted high up on the wall, with three horizontal colour fades, and some rather more animated letters than we might normally see from him.

I say the other writing is by Mena, which I think it is, but when it is someone’s birthday, their name is often the subject of other artist’s writing, so you can be tricked easily. Whoever it is by, it is nicely worked, with an interesting ‘fruit salad’ colour scheme, if you know what I mean. Happy belated Birthday.

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2 thoughts on “4420. Spark Evans Park (43)”

  1. That would be Mr MEST on the MENA letters . . .

    Mena, who was a little late on parade and a little ‘tired’ from the previous night, painted her piece at the very right of the wall . . .

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