Slippery slope


Party Vice Chairman

favours the death penalty

whipping up hatred


by Scooj

  • further evidence, as if it were needed, that our Conservative Government is drifting even further to the right. The appointment of the loud-mouthed “30p” Lee Anderson as party Vice Chairman demonstrates that there is nothing left in the party. All the Europhiles have left or been ousted, the moderates have been silenced, and the primary qualification for getting into the Cabinet is a rabid Brexit stance.
  • I remain in a constant state of revulsion and despair. What am I supposed to tell my children? They are being brought up in a political landscape where it is normal to lie, to deceive, to disrespect, to blame the poorest and the vulnerable and to be strong instead of compassionate. I still hate what they have done to my country, my home.
  • Anyone who says “well, what’s the alternative” or “I’m not sure Keir Starmer…” is either a Tory or has never got over Jeremy Corbyn’s unpopularity (for whatever reason) and hence unelectability.
  • I think I might need to write some nice nature haiku!

3339. Purdown HAA Battery (12)

I first encountered the work of Mind Control at Upfest 2017 when he was a  sixteen-year-old young man. Since then, I have seen pieces every now and again, but especially over the last few months. I had to dig this one out of my July archive and am pleased that I did, because it is the passionate and political piece of an angry young man.

Mind Control, Purdown Battery, Bristol, July 2020
Mind Control, Purdown Battery, Bristol, July 2020

Probably prompted by the Black Lives Matter movement this is a strong message against fascism and shows a hand crushing a swastika, not an emblem you see too often these days, even if there are still large numbers of racists and fascists about. I doff my cap to this young man for this statement.