3373. Brunel Way bridge (80)

Underneath Brunel Way in the damp and tortured light conditions is this rather lovely tribute piece by Ments to a person called Sam, you can probably make out the letters.

Ments, Brunel Way, Bristol, December 2020
Ments, Brunel Way, Bristol, December 2020

This is quite an unusual piece by Ments and I think is in part quite experimental. His work is usually organic in nature with fluidity being a central effect. In this piece however, Ments has introduced some quite solid forms and even what appears to be a rock foundation – a more geological approach perhaps. The bright colours speak of joy and happiness. This is a wonderful tribute piece beautifully thought out and painted.

2310. St Werburghs tunnel (86)

I took this picture back in June, and when I last visited St Werburghs tunnel, This piece by Dusk was still there. The more I see of Dusk’s work, the more I am warming to it. I caught up with Oner recently, and we were talking about the pieces in the tunnel, and he told me that the name ‘DUSK’ comes from ‘Don’t Use Skinny Kaps’. A skinny cap is a cap that you use on a spray can that gives a slightly narrower arc of spray and so tighter lines. The more skilled at spray painting you are, the less need for skinny caps. For me, as a learner, skinny caps are essential.

Sunday graff 0002 9 June 2019

What is notable about this piece is that I don’t recall seeing Dusk including a character before – that doesn’t mean he hasn’t, it just means I haven’t seen one. The character is rather fun, and appears to be smoking a reefer, although what would I know?