3708. Sparke Evans Park (5)

This is just one small part of a large collaborative wall from our Spanish contingent here in Bristol. It may only be just one part, but this outstanding piece from Daubuten Tronko is for me the jewel in the crown of the paint jam.

Dabuten Tronko, Sparke Evans Park, Bristol, May 2021
Dabuten Tronko, Sparke Evans Park, Bristol, May 2021

Dabuten Tronko crafts these extraordinary characters with such skill and keeps everything so tight. This magician is beautifully painted and works so well due to the colours and clever use of light and shade throughout the piece. I particularly like the reflected green light on his hat from the wand… lots of thought has gone into that effect. Overall a really classy piece from a classy artist.

2475. St Mark’s Avenue (2)

This is the second piece I am posting from St Mark’s Avenue and it is a rather fun piece by Sepr. Judging from the weathering of the paint on the door, it looks like it has been here for some years. In line with pretty much everything in this alley, there seems to be remarkably little tagging.

Sepr, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September
Sepr, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September

The piece itself presents a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat although rather than just one rabbit, he is actually pulling two rabbits, in a compromised state from the hat and they don’t look too pleased about it. I have long been a fan of Sepr’s work and I love the retro influences in his style that make his pieces so distinctive. Great piece with a great story beautifully executed, you can’t ask fo much more than that.