2587. St Mark’s Avenue (5)

It may be an old piece, but that in no way detracts from its class and beauty. Aspire left Bristol about two years ago, and this piece dates back to some time before then I suspect. My recent discovery of St Mark’s Avenue has been a bit of an archeological expedition, digging out perfectly preserved specimens from another age.

Aspire, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September 2019
Aspire, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September 2019

Aspire specialises in birds, and I think in particular has a thing for Blue Tits – this is one of at least four that I have posted in his gallery. It is such a pity that he is only an occasional visitor to Bristol, his pieces were really rather special. Our loss is London’s gain.

2504. St Mark’s Avenue (3)

In my favourite recently discovered spot, St Mark’s Avenue in Easton, is this great collaboration between Soap and Zake which I had seen previously on Instagram, but never knew where it was. Well now I know.

Zake, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September 2019
Zake, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September 2019

On the left is a portrait by Zake that unusually for this alleyway has been altered by some idiot, goofing the eyes and the lips This is a real shame because it gives the character a completely different and rather sinister ‘personality’ than that of the original. Even though it has been altered, I felt it worth including, partly to demonstrate that not everything I get to see is in its perfect pristine state and also to explain why I try to get out regularly to find new pieces before they have been tagged or ruined.

Soap, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September 2019
Soap, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September 2019

On the right is some colourful and uplifting writing fro Soap. The photograph is a little bit rubbish, partly because of the rather unhelpful wheelie bin and also because of the width of the lane at this point is quite tight and ‘front on’ pictures are an impossibility without a wide angle lens. Unlike much of the work in this lane it is relatively recent and was painted this year. As an aside, the tag on the bin is one that can be found pretty much everywhere in Bristol – I don’t know the tagger’s name, but it is probably concealed somewhere within the tag.

2479. St Marks Avenue (3)

Deamze left for Hobart about six months ago, and it would be fair to say that his familiar style and frequent high-class pieces have been missed. What a pleasure it was for me then to come across several of his older pieces, all in excellent condition in St Mark’s Avenue, a new discovery of street art gold for me.

Deamze, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September 2019
Deamze, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September 2019

This is a bright and joyful piece of wild style writing that spells out DEAM with a little deam inside just for good measure. I’ve no idea how old this piece is, but it is great to be reacquainted with this Bristol master.

2475. St Mark’s Avenue (2)

This is the second piece I am posting from St Mark’s Avenue and it is a rather fun piece by Sepr. Judging from the weathering of the paint on the door, it looks like it has been here for some years. In line with pretty much everything in this alley, there seems to be remarkably little tagging.

Sepr, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September
Sepr, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September

The piece itself presents a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat although rather than just one rabbit, he is actually pulling two rabbits, in a compromised state from the hat and they don’t look too pleased about it. I have long been a fan of Sepr’s work and I love the retro influences in his style that make his pieces so distinctive. Great piece with a great story beautifully executed, you can’t ask fo much more than that.

2472. St Mark’s Avenue (1)

Life is full of surprises, and earlier this week I took the dog for a road walk because it has been a bit wet and the parks are getting muddy. On the walk I took a few turns down roads I have never been to before. The reward… I discovered St Mark’s Avenue – a little secret in the heart of Easton where there are stunnung pieces by Bristol artists going back several years and quite untouched by taggers. How could I have not been here before and how many other little oases like this are there in Bristol?

Silent Hobo, St Mark's Avenue, Bristol, September 2019
Silent Hobo, St Mark’s Avenue, Bristol, September 2019

This piece dates back to 2012 and is by the magnificent Silent Hobo and what’s more remarkable is that it is pretty much in mint condition – only one of the eyes has been goofed up by some idiot. It is a great tribute to the artist that it is still here but it is more than that, it is a yardstick from which to measure his development over the last seven years. It is a beautiful portrait piece painted on a pebble dash wall which in itself is something of an accomplishment. The girl has a soulful look but her eyes are looking straight at you, something that his more recent figures don’t do in the main.

I can’t tell you how exciting it was to find this piece and indeed the whole road, I felt a bit like an archeologist uncovering an ancient tomb. More to come from this gold mine.