Never give up


MV 2.5

we are living a nightmare

May clutching at straws


by Scooj

  • MV 2.5 = meaningful vote 2.5. Unbelievable sleight of hand by Theresa May to try and force her deal through by splitting it into two thus avoiding rejection by the Speaker. As if bribing her party, promising to quit if they supported her wasn’t bad enough. She and the Conservative party have no shame.

The 48 per cent


I’m sick of hearing

it’s the will of the people.

It is not my will.


by Scooj

  • Every time I hear the Government trot out the words that the Brexit is the will of the British people, they are excluding the 48% who voted to remain. Are we not British people? This lot will never carry me with them as long as they use this bullying kind of coercive language.