May be not


I’ve no sympathy

TM a useless PM;

divided nation.


by Scooj

2159. Horfield skate park (4)

I don’t head up to Horfield skate park very often, as I consider the turnover of street art and graffiti there to be pretty low and it doesn’t seem to be a particularly favoured spot for many artists. I was delighted therefore to be rewarded on a rare trip on Good Friday with this magnificent stencil by John D’oh.

John D'oh, Horfield skate park, Bristol, April 2019
John D’oh, Horfield skate park, Bristol, April 2019

The stencil works for me so very very well. It shows the unspeakably toxic Jacob Rees-Mogg standing behind Theresa May who appears to be his ventriloquist’s dummy. Brilliantly funny but also it speaks volumes about how so many of us feel about the way the European Research Group (ERG – what kind of name is that anyway? Research? swap the word ‘research’ for ‘hating’ and you might get a sense of what they’re all about) have been holding May hostage throughout Brexit negotiations. Their hard-line and uncompromising Brexit desires, and her determination to hold the Conservative party together, mean that they have dictated the terms of the failed negotiations, along with the jaw-droppingly selfish DUP.

Rees-Mogg represents everything I dislike about self-interested politicians who do not serve their people, but rather manipulate narratives that appeal to under-represented groups. I would guess he also cares more about his income security (and growth) than he does about the pressing fate of our planet. I suspect he shares Owen Patterson’s loathing of the environmental movement that might, just might, interfere with their comfortable lives for the sake of trying to reverse the shocking state of carbon emissions and biodiversity loss.

Thank you John D’oh for giving us this fabulous visual reminder of just how disgraceful the political class (and indeed party politics in general) are in the UK.

Never give up


MV 2.5

we are living a nightmare

May clutching at straws


by Scooj

  • MV 2.5 = meaningful vote 2.5. Unbelievable sleight of hand by Theresa May to try and force her deal through by splitting it into two thus avoiding rejection by the Speaker. As if bribing her party, promising to quit if they supported her wasn’t bad enough. She and the Conservative party have no shame.

1417. The Bearpit (129)

I recently found out, from reading an interview with John D’oh, that he tends to create these single layer political stencils for places like The Bearpit, where their lifespan may at times be only a day or two. His more complex multi-layered work is reserved for walls where longevity is more likely…an utterly understandable position.

John D'oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, February 2018
John D’oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, February 2018

This piece is highly critical of Theresa May and the growing problem of homelessness and rough sleeping that is plaguing towns and cities across the UK. I really like the work he does and the way he uses his art to express political ideas. Much of his artwork tends to encourage ‘embellishment’ from passers by, and this one is no exception. The ‘cock and balls’ motif being put to good use.

Keep it going John D’oh.

Cabinet reshuffle (profanity warning)


May reshuffles her

pack and learns it’s difficult

to polish a turd.


by Scooj


  • The last political one for a while…I need to get back to nature and the environment and love and things like that.