Office view


Here sit I each day

overlooking the treetops

dreaming of freedom.


by Scooj


This Haiku started off as something rather different, but I didn’t like it – I include it below just to demonstrate the transition of what I wanted to convey, but couldn’t in the first form.

It’s a privilege

to sit at canopy height

and observe the birds.

Thursday doors

Door 38

Cabot doors 002 29 June 2018

This week I thought I’d take you on a little tour to one of the very special places in Bristol, Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill. The Thursday door is a bit of an excuse really to share something that lies behind the door, so door specialists had better lower their expectations. To all those who are keen to know who discovered the coast of North America in 1497, read on…

Cabot doors 025 29 June 2018

Cabot Tower was built in 1897/98 to commemorate the fourth centenary of John Cabot’s (Giovanni Caboto) discovery of the coast of North America under the commission of Henry VII of England. John Cabot set out from Bristol on the 2 May 1497 on The Matthew with 18 crew members and made landfall in Newfoundland on 24 June that same yesy. What a voyage that must have been on this tiny ship.

Cabot doors 003 29 June 2018

There are several plaques on the outside of the tower that offer some historuical context.

Cabot doors 005 29 June 2018

This is the foundation stone.

Cabot doors 006 29 June 2018

Ok, so here are some doors… this is the rather underwhelming door immediately inside the tower – I expect it was once the kiosk, but now the tower is un-manned and permanently open to the public. The steep spiral staircase starts to the left.

Cabot doors 008 29 June 2018

Another door, this one without glass, opens out at the first stage with three balconies looking out to the South, West and East.

Cabot doors 010 29 June 2018

The reason for climbing the stairs is to take in the breathtaking views of Bristol. This is looking south and the building with the green roof immediately after the park is where I work.

Cabot doors 011 29 June 2018

Zooming in a little to the South West you can see I. K. Brunel’s SS Great Britain in its permanent dry dock. The little cottage just at the stern of the ship is the building that Brunel worked from.

Cabot doors 014 29 June 2018

Another of Brunel’s extraordinary landmarks, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, can be seen to the West and spans across the Avon Gorge, through which Cabot would have sailed all those centuries ago.

Cabot doors 020 29 June 2018

Serendipitously, the modern replica of Cabot’s Matthew was motoring around the floating Harbour, just as I reached the top of the tower. It is a very small boat to be crossing the Atlantic in.

Cabot doors 021 29 June 2018

Then to the door back down…

Cabot doors 023 29 June 2018

And the slightly tatty and scary stairwell.


by Scooj

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813. Moon Street (31)

Laic217 seems to enjoy finding new spaces to spray his exceptional works. Moon street is a street familiar to graffiti artists, but I don’t believe these doors have has anything more than tags on before.

Laic 217, Moon Street, Bristol, May 2017
Laic 217, Moon Street, Bristol, May 2017

I particularly like this skull by Laic217 as it incorporates the Clifton suspension bridge, Bristol’s most significant landmark. Note to self…publish a special post containing works with the suspension bridge.

Laic 217, Moon Street, Bristol, May 2017
Laic 217, Moon Street, Bristol, May 2017

The picture is somewhat enhanced, in my view, by the fact that the doors would not close properly, adding another dimension to this piece.