2090. Queen Charlotte Street (1)

The rewards for wandering around without a plan can be enormous, and after a long while of knowing about this piece I eventually found it quite by accident when I decided to walk down a street I rarely visit.

Tim Marsh, Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol, March 2019
Tim Marsh, Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol, March 2019

It is by the magnificent Tim Marsh, who I think lives in Barcelona, and who was a visitor to Upfest 2018. As with many artists who come to Bristol for the festival, Tim Marsh gave the city with this little ‘present’, and very kind of him to do so too. This piece looks like it might be the Queen wearing a kind of colourful Banksy mask… it could of course be something else completely. Typical of his work are the colourful geometric patterns that fill the space around his subjects. Thank you Tim.

1211. The Bearpit (111)

I have said it before recently, that John D’oh has been busy stencilling this autumn/winter, with much of his work appearing in The Bearpit. He has also done some other highly satirical Banksy tributes in Cheltenham, but I haven’t yet seen them.

John D'oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, December 2017
John D’oh, The Bearpit, Bristol, December 2017

Always edgy and often political, John D’oh’s work, more than any other artist in Bristol is a target for tagging and dogging. He is clearly not held in the same regard as other artists, but that is the way for political artists…not everyone will agree with them. The Queen stencil has had the eyes sprayed red…which possibly enhances the menace of the piece.


I apologise for the quality of the images, which were rather compromised by the low light levels…I was on my way to do some Christmas shopping and the light was fading fast. I thought I’d include them anyway.

232. North Street hoarding (3)

John D’oh is a very naughty political artist whose work I enjoy immensely, whether I agree with his assertions or not. Whenever I see his stuff I can’t help smiling at his cheeky nerve. I suspect it gets him into trouble occasionally, but I like the edge he brings to the Bristol street art scene. This time it is the turn of the Queen, a reference to the band of the same name and her position on Brexit as portrayed by some media outlets (in particular the Murdock News International Media group).

John D'oh, North Street, Bristol, May 2016
John D’oh, North Street, Bristol, May 2016

Not only is the content of his work noteworthy, but his execution using stencils and his profusion of work is impressive. I have a large backlog of his work, much of which is politically no longer contemporary, but nonetheless an indicator of political issues in 2010s Bristol.