Music club tonight

five favourite Bowie tracks

and the best album.


by Scooj


  • You might be wondering what I chose… here you go:

Space oddity


Ashes to ashes

Oh you pretty things

Black star


Hunky Dory.

2706. M32 roundabout J3 (190)

I love this. An old signboard, neglected and unloved, brought back to life through the skill of a talented artist. The artist in question is Kid Crayon, and he did this little ‘extra’ piece while painting a collaboration with SPZero76 on the wall opposite (coming soon).

Kid Crayon, M32 roundabout, Bristol, January 2020
Kid Crayon, M32 roundabout, Bristol, January 2020

I love the idea of inanimate objects being given personalities, a little bit like the engines in Thomas the Tank Engine stories. It doesn’t happen nearly enough in Bristol. Perhaps this could be the start of something new although finding the objects in the first place could be problematic. The simple face was probably spray painted pretty quickly and although a bit ‘rough and ready’ is absolutely perfect. More of these please KC.

2705. M32 roundabout J3 (189)

Another rather lovely piece from Decay. It is funny how you can look at things and yet not see them. It wasn’t until I was preparing this post that I noticed the big DECAY in black on red in the background of this piece. I saw what I wanted to see, but not what was actually in front of me.

Decay, M32 roundabout, Bristol, January 2020
Decay, M32 roundabout, Bristol, January 2020

I do like the ephemeral nature of this piece of writing, almost as though it is made out of a mist or fog, with a very bright yellow ‘Chuck’ character the ‘e’ of Decay. Another nice one chalked up for 2020.





Opposing forces

wrestle with tricky issues

seeking good outcomes


by Scooj


  • A difficult meeting at work today, where the desires for profile opportunities and reputation enhancement could risk fabulous public outcomes. I have a philosophy and it is this.

Never seek to be seen to be doing the right thing. Do the right thing and you will be seen.

2704. St Werburghs tunnel (134)

Aah, the genius of two brilliant artists conjuring up this amazing and highly unusual piece. It would seem that a Kleiner Shames visited Bristol over the Christmas period and hooked up with his old mate Subtle. The pair both produced pieces in the St Werburghs tunnel, and obviously had a bit of time left over to turn out this stunner.

Kleiner Shames and Subtle, St Werburghs, Bristol, January 2020
Kleiner Shames and Subtle, St Werburghs, Bristol, January 2020

Signed FoiSubtle, the collaboration presents with two distinct styles. My guess is that the letters FOIS are by Kleiner Shames, he always writes these letters but never quite like this, and the characters, a wolf holding a rabbit by the ears are by Subtle, in a bit of a departure from his writing. There is a message on the piece written backwards that says ‘one tin wonders’. I would think this refers to the two colours (plus black) that were used for the piece.

I cannot tell you how much I love this. It is quirky and retro, the characters look like early Disney creations. As I always say when Kleiner Shames comes to town, come back soon.

2703. Shoreditch, London (38)

A stencil artist whose work I have always admired is London’s Unify. Unify’s work, for me has a real human touch, grabbing the viewer’s attention through an emotional draw. These works are more than illustrations they are stories, sometimes political, sometimes satirical, sometimes child-like and they are all pretty powerful.

Unify, Shoreditch, London, November 2018
Unify, Shoreditch, London, November 2018

This beautiful small stencil depicts a young girl painting some little red hearts that collectively form a peace symbol, something that is used a lot in Unify’s work. It is a touching piece full of hope, and beautifully presented between these two flowerpots.