K is for Kat


Across the great sea

the miles are no barrier

to a fine friendship


by Scooj


2322. Brunel Way Bridge (15)

You can always spot a high-quality piece of graffiti writing. There is something about the confidence with which it is painted, the clarity of the lines and competence of the fills, not to mention the accoutrements. This piece by Turoe has it all.

Turoe One, Brunel Way bridge, Bristol, June 2019
Turoe One, Brunel Way bridge, Bristol, June 2019

Tucked away under the Brunel Way bridge, the piece was completed during a paint jam with Veks (to follow) and really is of the highest quality. I don’t have many pictures of Turoe’s work, so it was great to capture this one.

2321. M32 roundabout J3 (151)

I love this little piece in one of the tunnels of the M32 roundabout. It is by Face 1st, and although completely recognisable as his work, it is a shift away from his usual belle, and one that I love. It is characteristic of his branching out and exploring new ways to present his art.

Face 1st, M32 roundabout, Bristol, June 2019
Face 1st, M32 roundabout, Bristol, June 2019

It is the eyes that are the clue to the artist, they seem to have an anime appearance about them and are always most appealing. Although it is small and hidden I can’t help feeling that this is representative of the significant shift happening in Face 1st’s work right now.

2320. St Werburghs tunnel (88)

Another artist who seems to have spent the winter in hibernation is Daz Cat, but he has certainly woken up recently, and this rather uplifting pun-message (have a mice day), and perhaps slightly less uplifting image is a recent piece from St Werburghs Tunnel.

Daz Cat, St Werburghs, Bristol, June 2019
Daz Cat, St Werburghs, Bristol, June 2019

What is interesting about this one is that Daz Cat has shown time and time again that he can paint these great cats, and dogs too sometimes in his wonderful style, but judging from this piece, I think a bit more practice on his mice is needed.

Now that I have started trying to spray paint myself I know how difficult it is so it is perhaps a bit rich for me to be too judging of other’s work. Perhaps this is why theatre critics don’t act or direct.

2319. Dean Lane skate park (231)

It is the shape and style of the letters that give this artist away, it is of course Cort, but he has recently taken to writing PAD, although here it looks like PIADY. There are many things to admire in this piece, which was painted solo, rather than with his friend Laic217.

Cort, Dean Lane, Bristol, June 2019
Cort, Dean Lane, Bristol, June 2019

The two contrasting backgrounds of pink and blue add interest to the piece and the little details such as the red dots and lines and the gold rings are typical motifs used by the artist and ones that make his work so distinctive. Unusual and full of interest.