Bro Jo


His loyalty stretched

picks country over brother

dignity intact.


by Scooj

On the news that Jo Johnson the Prime Minister’s brother has resigned as a Government Minister and from the Conservative party. This has not been a good week for Boris. Perhaps a little humility might help.



Eton-boy Rees Mogg

with staggering arrogance

lounges in The House.


by Scooj


I make no apologies. I dislike this man intensely. His far right Victorian values chime for some, but it seems as if the last 40 years of progressive attitude changes towards race, poverty, disability, environment, gender, freedom, equality and general decency have passed him by. He is the epitome of the privileged, white, wealthy, little Britain that cares not one jot about anybody except themselves and protecting their way of life at all costs.

This man, whose disappearance up Boris Johnson’s arse has been rewarded with the role of Leader of the House, should be an example to all MPs. At yesterday’s emergency motion on prorogation he spent the majority of the debate draped across three seats of the front bench of the House of Commons overtly displaying his contempt for parliamentary process and debate. He is utterly disgusting and I hope the negative exposure this toad has been given will set back his career forever. How dare he behave like this? Sadly under this new Johnson regime I fear we need to get used to this kind of flagrant disregard for the law and for common decency.

Bravo to Caroline Lucas (Green Party MP) for calling him out.

Never give up


MV 2.5

we are living a nightmare

May clutching at straws


by Scooj

  • MV 2.5 = meaningful vote 2.5. Unbelievable sleight of hand by Theresa May to try and force her deal through by splitting it into two thus avoiding rejection by the Speaker. As if bribing her party, promising to quit if they supported her wasn’t bad enough. She and the Conservative party have no shame.