1629. M32 Spot (26)

I love the recent spate of wheatpastes from Object… and I think I might actually prefer them to his larger painted pieces, but both are great n my opinion. There is often something disturbing and emotional in Object…’s work with his political passion never too far from the surface.

Object..., M32 Spot, Bristol, July 2018
Object…, M32 Spot, Bristol, July 2018

Outspoken and earnest, Object…’s pieces certainly challenge the viewer to see the world through the eyes of the less fortunate. This piece, while not necessarily falling into that category, certainly carries with it a disturbing nightmarish quality. I happen to love this piece, it is just a shame about the tag across the bottom of it. I hope to find more of these paste ups around the city.


1523. The Bearpit (150)

Object…is tireless in his campaigning to keep The Bearpit open as an available space for all…including artists. It seems that Bristol City Council are determined to clamp down on the amount of spraying that goes on in the Bearpit, and new graffiti is routinely painted over, leaving an ugly landscape of patchwork walls where the paint doesn’t quite match. Also, by painting blank walls, the Council are simply inviting the less savoury elements of the graffiti scene to make their mark with tags and throw ups.

Object...,The Bearpit, Bristol, May 2018
Object…,The Bearpit, Bristol, May 2018

This piece contains a quote from Tom Flemming Creative Consultancy, who I assume have been doing some work for BCC. It is a nice quote and one that I can relate to. The messy and the marginal – it works for me. The artwork from Object… is actually really good and contains many things I associate with the artist – feathers and wings joined to slightly contorted hand and of course the strong political message. I like the #BearpitIsBeautiful too. I doff my cap to Object… whose passion drive him and others forward.

1495. The Bearpit (146)

Another intriguing wheatpaste from the fantastic Object…, in one of the tunnels of The Bearpit. In this piece, Object… has written a lengthy statement which is wrapped around what looks like a sumo wrestler with a pi symbol tattooed on his chest.

Object..., The Bearpit, Bristol, May 2018
Object…, The Bearpit, Bristol, May 2018

Now I haven’t been able to read the text…that might take a bit of time…and so I’m not too sure what the piece is about, but knowing the artist, I expect politics is involved somewhere along the line. I actually am rather fond of this piece, and am really enjoying Object…’s current penchant for paste ups.

1477. The Bearpit (143)

Well this pasteup is a little out of the ordinary, and not something I would immediately associate with Object…, but it is a reasonably recent piece from this Bristol (Stokes Croft) based artist which appeared with one or two others in The Bearpit.

Object..., The Bearpit, Bristol, May 2018
Object…, The Bearpit, Bristol, May 2018

I would probably not like to delve too deeply into what is going on here, frankly it all looks a little bit scary. Regulars will know that I love a good wheatpaste, and this one certainly stands out with its arresting subject and exaggerated features. And what large teeth you have grandma…

1428. Stokes Croft

Right next door to the huge Alex Lucas mural in Stokes Croft is this interesting recent shutter piece by Object… . This is a commission piece from TLD cycles and helps us to understand the boundaries between commissions and free street art.

Object..., Stokes Croft, Bristol, April 2018
Object…, Stokes Croft, Bristol, April 2018

Object… is no stranger to this blog, and much of his work is highly political and outspoken. He is also an artist who needs to make money, just like the rest of us, and producing work like this is how he does it. What I really like about this piece is that is is a really nice rendition of a bicycle gear block which carries the strong signature stule of the artist. The shop could easily have commissioned some sterile corporate artwork, but instead chose a local artist. The shopfront as a result really fits in with the area.

1279. Stokes Croft

Where would we be without occasional political and philosophical outbursts from the passionate Object…? In this piece Object…reflects on a quotation attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and his commitment to vegetarianism.

Object..., Stokes Croft, Bristol, January 2018
Object…, Stokes Croft, Bristol, January 2018

On the right hand side of the piece he has drawn up a Vitruvian man and placed into his torso various animals and a fish. This is a provocative and principled piece, especially as it is daubed on the hoarding outside what used to be the Meat Liquor restaurant.

Object..., Stokes Croft, Bristol, January 2018
Object…, Stokes Croft, Bristol, January 2018

I like the piece, which is so typical of Object…’s work and so it is a pity to report that it has been ruined by somebody who obviously disagrees with his opition. Object… does retort with the point that you don’t have to destroy somebody’s work to disagree with them. I am with Object… on this one.

1104. The Bearpit (102)

No prizes for guessing the artist who sprayed this in one of the tunnels in The Bearpit. It is a political piece with the slogans ‘I resist’ and ‘eat the rich’. The work depicts a hero figure (batman) saying ‘pay me I’m yours’ which is a fairly direct reference to corruption. if none of that helps with identifying this artist, then the organic style and tentacles should.

Object..., The Bearpit, Bristol, July 2017
Object…, The Bearpit, Bristol, July 2017

It is, of course, by Object… and if the piece itself didn’t tell you that, then the signature at the bottom would have. I like his pieces. Edgy and no beating about the bush. Part of the fabric of The Bearpit.