2972. Horfield skate park (6)

Political commentary is never far away when John D’oh is around, and this recent stencil at the Horfield skate park nicely sums up the disgusting hypocisy demonstrated by Boris and Cummings. Just jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, irresponsible, selfish and self-centered behaviour. Although the headlines may have receded, the anger hasn’t. Boris has shown himself to be a deceitful and manipulative Prime Minister, and I find it extraordinary that anyone would still line up to defend him (although the reliable toadies seem to fight over this space). His odious disregard for other people is beyond staggering and the sooner he gets ousted the better.

John D'oh, Horfield skate park, Bristol, May 2020
John D’oh, Horfield skate park, Bristol, May 2020

I suspect that Boris, being Boris would probably look at this stencil and feel rather flattered, I mean it is a picture of him as a Moses figure, how could he not be excited by that. Well done John D’oh once again for reminding us what a terrible person Boris Johnson really is. I will not move on.

1493. Horfield skate park (3)

Who’d have thought with all this lovely dry weather we are having that it is ony a couple of months ago that Bristol had its second covering of snow. I took a little trip up the the skate park at Horfield Leisure Centre to pick my daughter up and while I was waiting (I was conveniently early) I took a quick look at the graffiti around the skate park. Usually the standard is not that great, and there is a lot of tagging, but I have noticed a slight upsurge in the quality recently…maybe the reduction in spots in central Bristol is pushing artists out a bit to places like this.

Oner, Horfield skate park, Bristol, March 2018
Oner, Horfield skate park, Bristol, March 2018

Anyhow, this is a nice simple burner from my new friend Oner, possibly the first pictures I have of his work. The shading looks a bit untidy, but if you take a closer look, there is actually a lot of detail in there and it is not a quick fill. The whole piece is nice and crisp (and even). I hope to track down a whole load more of his burners.

735. Horfield skate park (1)

Horfield skate park is part of the Horfield leisure centre and is adorned with graffiti. I see it very much as a practice area and this is the first time I have seen a piece worth photographing.

Whysayit, Horfield skate park, Bristol, April 2017
Whysayit, Horfield skate park, Bristol, April 2017

Instantly recognisable as a Whysayit piece, the colours and shapes stood out beautifully on the gloriously sunny day that I photographed this. Of all the graffiti artists in Bristol, I would think that Whysayit probably covers the most ground, although he has a tendency to spray mostly in North Bristol. This is a nice piece.