1535. Dean Lane skate park (131)

This is an old one in Dean Lane skater park from Stupid Stupid Meathole, which I didn’t post at the time because I didn’t know who it was by.  He creates these potentially sinister monsters, but takes away any menace by adding something comical to them. His characters actually become rather sweet really – it must be those big eyes.

Stupid Stupid Meathole, Dean Lane, Bristol, July 2017
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESStupid Stupid Meathole, Dean Lane, Bristol, July 2017

I do like his work. He chooses his colours well and I like then way he scribbles his shading, for example on the teeth of this monster, which give ther whole thing a sense of animation. I’m always on the look out for his work and I think I have some in my archives which I’ll try and dig out.


1485. Dean Lane skate park (123)

Another first…there seem to be an awful lot of artists making their debut on my blog recently, I don’t know whether there is a new intake of artists in Bristol or whether I have just started to notice them more (probably a bit of both). Actually this is not the first work I have seen from Stupid Stupid Meathole, but it is the first one since I knew who he was. Keep your eyes peeled for more from the archive.

Stupid Stupid Meathole, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2018
Stupid Stupid Meathole, Dean Lane, Bristol, May 2018

Firstly, I love this artist’s name even it if is a little long-winded, secondly, I really like his monsters and his rather unconventional style. This piece I think is called ‘wet fart’ (which makes me chortle in a childish way) and taking a closer look, you can see why. I look forward to more peaces in Dean Lane from Stupid Stupid Meathole.