David Jones


With your passing, our

lives will feel impoverished;

blue skies turned to grey.


by Scooj



99. Gloucester Road, No.226

Many of the shops on Gloucester Road have commissioned street art on their shutters, which is how some artists have managed to make some money from their craft. This one caught my eye for several reasons.

The sad story is that this family run butcher shop ‘Stutt and Son’ that has been trading since 1919 has recently been closed at short notice due to the ill health of Mr Stutt senior. The hurriedly scrawled note on the shutter is heartbreaking.

Zase, Gloucester Road, Bristol
Zase, Gloucester Road, Bristol

The artwork is by Zase, but is clearly one of his early works as it is unsophisticated and rather raw, compared to some of his more recent pieces, such as the one in Ashley Road. He has come a long way.

As for the Butcher, the shop will be sold and another trader will move in, reinforcing the transient nature of a commercial high street.


98. Stokes Croft, Slix (2)

I’ve been going through some old pictures from my iPhone today, and found a few street art images from a long while before I started this blog. This particular picture struck me, because I recently posted a 3Dom piece from this exact location.

3Dom, Stokes Croft, Bristol, July 2014
3Dom, Stokes Croft, Bristol, July 2014

This work, also by 3Dom, was photographed in July 2014…it seems that this wall is his.

3Dom Mibsy tribute, Stokes Croft, Bristol, July 2014
3Dom Mibsy tribute, Stokes Croft, Bristol, July 2014

There is also a subtle tribute to Mibsy. This is a nice work, but long since gone.