Bloody freezing


Jack came back last night,

his ice grip suffocating

Eostre’s late tenure.


by Scooj


Bugger – original version had a goofy syllable count. I have edited it now, but it doesn’t flow as well.


151. Ashley Road (2)

This hoarding, on the corner of Ashley Road and Picton Street is a favourite of mine; the pieces here never last long, but they command attention due to the great location. The first time I ever saw one of Tom Miller’s works was here. Regrettably I didn’t photograph it and then it was gone. Right now the hoarding belongs to Aspire.

Aspire, Ashley Road, Bristol, March 2016

This piece appeared earlier this week, and in my view, is one of Aspire’s best so far. I am not sure what species the bird is, but it doesn’t look like a British one.

Aspire, Ashley Road, Bristol, March 2016

With the improving weather, the turnover of street art is on the up, and I really look forward to Monday mornings to see what has changed.


23. Marking time

For those reading this blog for the first time, please read the first entry called ‘An ill wind‘ which sets the context for an adventure I had as a 24 year old in 1988. I am taking the time to digitise my journal from 1988 in the Falkland Islands and am remaining faithful to my original text – this post ‘Marking time’ is a particularly drab entry, recording what was a rather boring few days. My apologies.

Sunday 22 May 1988, Port Stanley, Emma’s Guest House

The KSJ dinner/buffet was a complete success for me.

Squid and tuna sushi, cold beef, rice, squid, chicken and free drinks – it was brilliant.

Today was a lovely day although we had a couple of rain showers. Jim and Pete L and I went went to Penguin Walk and the lighthouse. I took loads of slides of penguins etc. I was happy, as I listened to ‘Smells of Summer’ on my Walkman. Sometimes this place can be such a joy – getting away from pressures. But it doesn’t last. The loneliness and tedium get get to one eventually. I want to go home so badly, to see Deb and my family. I will never be the same after this experience. I’m sure they will see a certain change in me. I feel so remote.

Penguin Walk, Falkland Islands, May 1988
Penguin Walk, Falkland Islands, May 1988

Monday 23 May 1988, Port Stanley, Emma’s Guest House

I spent most of the day pretending (once again) to work at FIPASS. Not much has really happened. I felt really good having had an early and sensible night last night, but disgusted that I smoked again today. Got a letter from Pat and Roy – quite why I got it today I don’t know.

Pete and Steve left for volunteer point, in this weather I didn’t envy them. Roll on Summer time.

Went to have a meal at John’s (John and Alison went out) with Jim and Sean. Later Anna came round and we watched ‘La Bamba’ on video. Shitty film but with good music.

Tuesday 24 May 1988, Port Stanley, Emma’s Guest House

Worked again on my drawings.

The Koei Maru 30 came in. I saw the crew and all they could say was “girls, girls – jiggy-jiggy” it is very sad and depressing. I went into the galley to say hello to Nananuma. It was awful, like rekindling the flames of awful memories. Quite terrible.

In the evening Drin, Jim, Phil, Liz and I went to Monty’s and for some reason I ended up paying for the lot. We then went to the Goose and I got pretty merry. Ended up writing a drunken letter to Deb.

Wednesday 25 May 1988, Port Stanley, Emma’s Guest House

Today I have a lot of work to do. I must also buy supplies, since I expect to leave for Montevideo tomorrow.

Lost at cards. Phil won and is the champion.

Phoned Deb – it was great. She was in Edinburgh with her granny. She is revising for her exams on Wednesday.

Melanie was at the Cable & Wireless office – she is so sweet and I think it is fitting that when I telephone Deb, she is there.

I don’t want to go to sea, despite the fact that Jim is able to come. Went to the fish and chip shop with Phil and then the Globe – became a little merry. Power cut at midnight.


Penguin Walk, Falkland Islands, May 1988
Penguin Walk, Falkland Islands, May 1988

150. Armada Place (2)

It seems hard to believe that I have notched up 150 posts of Bristol street art already. It wasn’t meant to become a ‘thing’ but it has somehow crept under my skin. Mrs Scooj is underwhelmed by my interest in urban art, but I have the bug, and it gives me great pleasure.

This is one of two new pieces by Bristol artist Aspire. His works, mostly of birds, are truly beautiful and at this time of year entirely appropriate and the Spring gets a foothold and lightens out hearts. This is a ‘tui bird‘ an endemic bird of New Zealand – not something we usually see in the Stokes Croft area.

Aspire, Armada Place, Bristol, March 2016 - Tui Bird
Aspire, Armada Place, Bristol, March 2016 – Tui Bird

I have featured two other Aspire works previously, a robin (and who doesn’t love robins?) and another bird (I’m not sure what species).

Just wonderful. 8/10