Is it time for tea?

Sandwiches and cakes on a

sunny afternoon.


by Scooj


Hidden in the sand

an ancient artefact bides;

Eocene shark tooth.


by Scooj

Close up of a fossil shark tooth, Bracklesham Bay


Fossil hunting in Bracklesham Bay is a passion of mine.

15. Leonard Lane (2)

Tucked away in Leonard Lane on a white plank of wood is this unusual piece of street art by Wolfskulljack. It would appear from her Facebook page that street art is a bit of a departure from her usual illustrations.

Wolfskulljack interestingly misspelled her name on the signature, which made me doubt its authenticity, but it is definitely hers.

Wolfskulljack, Leonard Lane, Bristol, August 2015
Wolfskulljack, Leonard Lane, Bristol, August 2015

This is the first time I have seen her street work and I suspect, given that she is an illustrator, that there won’t be too much more. She comes from Cheltenham and who knows, maybe if she does get a taste for street art, we’ll see more of it in Bristol.

A mysterious and beautifully detailed drawing


14. Leonard Lane (1)

I have found a very rich seam of fabulous wildlife street art in a tiny little lane in the centre of Bristol. I stumbled upon this by accident, and only now on searching the interweb, have found out that it is a very recent initiative organised by Human Nature.

This will be the first of several posts from Leonard Lane.

One of the most striking images in the lane is a beautiful stencil of a dodo by Stewy, another Bristol street artist, who works in Bristol, London, Brighton and Manchester amongst other cities.

Stewy, Dodo, Leonard Lane, Bristol, August 2015
Stewy, Dodo, Leonard Lane, Bristol, August 2015

There are strong influences from Banksy in his work, and I particularly like the choice of site for the work. there is another of his stencils in the lane which I will come back to in another post.

This is a perfect storm for me… a street full of wildlife street art.